Program Series

Nicole’s Creative Artists Agency (NCAA), in the pursuit of the highest quality concerts, systematically planned various forms of performance and challenges the form of creative performance. While collaborating with our versatile team, we attempt to reach a new belief of music in the 21st century.
NCAA program series is comprised of five segments: I. Avant-Garde Performances II. Crossover Concerts III. Elite Musician Projects IV. International Exchange Concerts V. Elite Publishing


Crossover Concerts

We will showcase across multiple art categories: poetry, dance, theatre, multimedia and music, a multitude of art forms encompassed in the music and is surely to give an alternative sensory experience.


Elite Artists Project

We work with these outstanding performers to weave the beauty of music. Through these musicians, western music is no longer foreign; at the moment of enjoyment, it became our music.


Avant-Garde Performances

NCAA, in addition to bringing classical music, also intends to grow together with all the new creations.


The Elite Publications

NCAA Elite Publication targets on promotion of original musical works that best represent Taiwan.


International Cooperation

Aside from the variety of music performance platforms NCAA has created: Avant-Garde Performances, Crossover Concerts and Elite Artists Project, it is also our major objective to enable the exchange of classical music internationally.