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About Nicole’s Creative Artists Agency

Nicole’s Creative Artists Agency(NCAA) focuses on the providing of two major services: Performance Planning / Producing, and Performance Artists’ Agency. We aspire to create the performance art form that fits 21st century, thus spreading the essence of Classical, Contemporary Music and Performance Art to an even larger audience. When we connect local and international artists, not only the best from Taiwan is allowed to show on the world stage, but we also collect to our arsenal the excellent global artists.


NCAA promotes the classic notes and performances with its brand new performance planning method. Since our initiation, we have had served artists from Taiwan, Germany, Austria, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Argentine, France, Italy, China and Japan. Hundreds of projects have been executed. We mostly aim to serve the Audience, Government, Foundation, Enterprises, world renowned musicians, and artists. We continue to provide breath-taking art works, return the art piece to their virtuoso essence, and show them the cultural subjectivity of Taiwan Music and Performance Art. Such is our goal that requires constant hard work.